Katie Failor, Toledo, OH

If you’ve ever contacted the website, team email or FB page, more than likely you’ve spoken with Matthew’s only sister, Katie. She is 17th-Dog/Team Matthew Failor’s behind the scenes, go-to-girl. She handles the athlete boosters, sponsors, team gear, team email and social media. “We’re a very close family, and I love helping Matthew out. Plus, DOGS! Lots and lots of dogs! Who could resist!”

Katie has a Masters Degree from The Ohio State University, and is a Mental Health Therapist (LISW) who specializes in working with teen victims of violence, neglect and abuse. She taught Sociology @ North Central State College from 2009-2014.  Katie lives with her three dogs, Duke Raul (APBT), Butter Bean (Yorkie), and a retired sled-dog named Two Face, in north central Ohio. 

Matt and Katie photo credit: Albert Marquez